Sunday, 29 March 2015

'Good' to the tune of 'Love changes everything'

Good, good changes everything 
No one slates your Raiseonline 
Good, good changes everything
far less planning, that's just fine 

Good, means space to innovate 
Less constricted, far less fear
Good means you can keep your job 
Fear of sacking, not so near

Good, is such a world away 
From such pressure, constant pain
Good, like when the clocks go forward
No more dark days, no more rain

Good means that it isn't true 
That our vision is just crazy 
Good means that it isn't true 
That our teachers are just lazy 

Good. It is to be enjoyed
Isn't easy, takes some steel.
Good, the chance to have some space 
Lead your school just as you feel. 

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