Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Research based practice

Research in the classroom – becoming a more learning rich organisation.

I wrote an 8 minute presentation for the inaugural Deal Teach Meet which took place this evening. I chose this topic because I aimed for us to become a research literate organisation this school year and gave everyone a research budget.  However I neither taught myself nor our staff how to actually become research literate or even where to start.  It wasn't a total disaster, there has been reading, sharing and good practice visiting.  However I would quite like to do it better next year.  So I asked some advice from those that know research.  The headlines are:

1. Think about why we would research

2. Find out some principles that underpin what research is (how)

3. If you decide you have researched x thoroughly & want to go for it, decide what you are not going to do any more (y) and be really sure that x is of more value to your children than y.

4. Decide whether you want to be research informed, a researcher or a research lead.  All are valid. 

4. Use resources that are free and available ie academia edu and the education endowment fund toolkit. 

5. Get out to teach meets & research events, get into Twitter & share.  As the title of this evening's teach meet suggests it is good to share.  Most folk on Twitter will help if they can for free as they believe so passionately in what they do. 

Links from my presentation -

@tombennett71 @hgaldinoshea founders of @researchED1 http://www.workingoutwhatworks.com/

Research Ed is well worth a look and the events are brilliant.  The next is in York on July 9th.  There is usually a London one in Sept.


Why research? http://www.theconfidentteacher.com/2016/06/evidence-informed-teaching-no-luxury-extra/ one point of view on why research is valuable.


The principles that underpin research -Daniel Willingham – cognitive Scientist & professor at Harvard.  Science of learning principles.http://www.danielwillingham.com/daniel-willingham-science-and-education-blog


www.academia.edu you have to sign up to access it.  You can read research there and submit papers also should you wish to.  @drmattoleary @geogphil submit papers there -worth following on twitter also.


http://www.suttontrust.com/ the education charity that set up the Education endowment fund toolkit.  Unfortunately the media cast a shadow over this resource when it first came out with the 'Research suggests all TAs are a waste of money' headline.  This was a vast pity as it put a lot of teachers off what is actually a very valuable free research resource. 

You can also apply for grants from the foundation for your own research 



Already mentioned research edTeachmeets are also a good source of ideas & research @teachertoolkit organises TM London, it’s worth getting out a bit further if you can http://www.teachertoolkit.me/tmlondon/


Canterbury Christchurch University research centre for children, families and communities is a good local source of knowledge and research https://www.canterbury.ac.uk/education/our-work/research-knowledge-exchange/research-centre-for-children-families-communities/research-centre-for-children-families-and-communities.aspx

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